Bring Carol Books and solve the puzzle.


If you have a Green and/or a Gold Carol book please bring it along with you on Thursday 1st September. It may seem early to ” Proceed and enlighten on the Pinnacle” and “Give due attention to melodious celestial beings” but it’s surprising how quickly the time to ” Array the Corridor” comes round. (Prize for any who attend with the 3 carols deciphered!)

Let’s Sing!

We start again on Thursday 1st September. North Church Hall Buckie 7:30 pm. All who love singing in parts welcome. New carols as well as new arrangements of old favourites just arrived from USA.

New members welcome. Old friends welcome back!


On Radio Buckie

Our Spring Concert is available to listen on Radio Buckie….thanks to them for recording!

Here is the link….’s%20Hall%2023rd%20April%202016.mp3


imageA Night to Remember!

Such joyful music ! Particular highlights being Soloist Cheryl Forbes singing Rutter’s arrangements of Spirituals, great Jazz inserts from the Gordon Cree band, the atmospheric African style percussion from Rossini Cavalcante and of course the youthful enthusiasm of the singers from Cluny and Cullen Schools. A night to remember!